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Rules & Regulations

Ride confidently knowing that you and your friends are abiding by local laws.

Code of conduct:

Respect each other

  • Share the trail
  • Stay in control
  • Use friendly communication
  • Yield appropriately

Respect the land

  • Follow signs
  • Pack out all belongings and trash

Respect the trail

  • Ride dirt, not mud
  • Honor trail closures
  • Stay on trails. No building or altering trails.

Recreate at your own risk

  • This trail is unsupervised. Riders are responsible for their own safety.
  • Trail closures and construction are ongoing
  • WVU holds no responsibility for injuries, damage or theft
  • Be vigilant for natural and man-made hazards (dead trees, wildlife, rocks, bridges, jumps, etc.)
  • Morgantown law requires helmet use, additional protective gear is strongly recommended

In case of emergency:

  • Stay calm
  • Call 911
  • Location: 1199 Poultry Farm Road, Morgantown, WV Waypoint 001